2 Productivity Secrets Of Great Minds.

//2 Productivity Secrets Of Great Minds.

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We want to spill some really valuable secret to you today. Stuff that the great minds of the world have access to that not everyone is privy to.

We came to the realization of these secrets by observing the lives of highly productive people and gaining some deep knowledge about how they live and work.

One truth that will always prevail is that the difference between mediocrity and exceptionalism is in understanding and applying the secret skills, tools, and systems for experiencing new levels of effectiveness, productivity, and creativity. Simply put, the difference between average people and exceptional people is in their level of organization and productivity.

Now, the secrets of high achievers are no longer privy to only a few, thanks to The Organizing Academy. This place promises to be the home for valuable information that can help you transform your life and help you begin to experience growth in all areas of life.

Let’s discuss the two productivity secrets you should already start using:

  1. SAD Self Awareness Development
  2. RMF Regret Minimization Framework


SAD Self Awareness Development

We are not inadequate. We were born with intellect and a huge amount of it that needs to be discovered and developed. We are valuable and are capable of so many things but we just haven’t tapped into the gold mine of our lives because we are not paying that much attention. We are not paying attention enough to our individual traits, behaviors, habits, needs, environment, etc. Consequently, many of us have a very low level of self-awareness. The truth is, effective personal or professional development is only a result of self-awareness development. Why I used the verb effective to define the type of personal or professional development is because there are people who think that acquiring an additional degree or getting an extra professional certification equates with self-development. Effective personal development is not totally dependent or doesn’t really require any form of formal or informal education. Effective personal development requires self-education or self-discovery which are other terms for self-awareness development. On the other hand, ineffective personal development becomes just a set of activities that does not necessarily increase a person’s efficiency or improve their productivity.  SAD is the most important form of education because it’s the only type of education guaranteed to produce the highest level of self-acceptance, self-appreciation, and self-advancement.

It’s also guaranteed to produce impactful performance and contribution at different levels of a person’s life: Intra-Personal level, Inter-Personal Level, Group level, Organizational Level and Community Level.

A formal or informal education is only an icing on the cake for the person who understands and applies the SAD Productivity secret for exponentially creating new and high levels of accomplishments whether in work, finance, relationships or other areas of life. SAD is working on your inner game while any other form of awareness you gain is developing your outer game. Remember, greatness happens from the inside out not the other way around.

We live in the world that seems to get us increasingly busy than increasingly productive. It’s therefore easy to forget self-reflection or difficult to practice self-observation and hard to listen to feedback. The world we live in and the conventional way we have been thought to operate in it has sort of hindered us from maximizing our potentials, identifying our opportunities, developing our perceptions and improving our judgments. A lot of us are self-admitting wrong things about ourselves because of the lack of SAD

An important tool for SAD is a Self-Assessment tool that allows you ask yourself honest, unbiased and critical questions about your behaviors, habits, goals, attitudes, actions, and goals.

The Self-Assessment tool will review your history as regards your level of organizing and productivity and provide the connections between your mode of operation in the past and your current state of being. In the Organizing Mindset Mastery (OMM), we have Assessment tools that have been carefully designed to help anyone no matter their level of self-awareness, start applying the SAD strategy. Tools like the OMM Personal Organization History Analysis and the OMM Personal Organization Assessment Sheet will provide honest feedback about our lives and point out our blind spots so we can direct our efforts towards personal and professional development appropriately. Honest feedback is needful for positive change and progress.



RMF Regret Minimization Framework

The RMF Strategy was created by Amazon’s Founder, Jeff Bezos when he realized and came to the conclusion that we tend to regret actions not taken far more than we regret failed attempts, Jeff Bezos’ RMF strategy helps you project into your future and encourages you to design goals, develop skills and acquire habits in the moment and for the present that will minimize your number of regrets in the future.

The RMF can spur a person to make tough decisions and take calculated risks instead of just playing safe. It can also reduce the fear of failure.

This productivity secret weapon gives you two options when it comes to making life decisions:

  1. It’s either you do it then fail or succeed at it or
  2. You don’t then live to regret not trying

Before you make that decision, you must understand one truth; that the weight of living with the regret of not trying is far heavier than living with the regret of failing. Here’s another truth; your chances of succeeding now are at least 50% and could be even higher. What’s there to lose if you just try, anyway?


I knew that when I was 80 I was not going to regret having tried this. I was not going to regret trying to participate in this thing called the Internet that I thought was going to be a really big deal. I knew that if I failed I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not ever having tried. 
— Jeff Bezos

In the Organizing Mindset Mastery (OMM), we call these secrets mental models and they can be found in the Brain Design Module of the course. In the OMM, we get to discuss these two mental models and some others in detail and we also provide you the necessary tools to start applying these brain design strategies to all areas of your life.

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