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TOA was created to foster the acquisition of Organizing and Productivity skills and to help you succeed both on a personal & professional level.
Are you an Organizing and Productivity Professional? It’s time to hone your skills and master your craft.

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Hi there! Jesmine here!

I am an Organizing and Productivity Expert with over 7 years of industry experience, the Founder and CEO…well, I like to call myself the CO (Chief Organizer) at JessylsCharm and the Founder of The Organizing Academy. I am also a Speaker, Writer, Workshop Presenter and Trainer. I have provided organizing and productivity coaching and consultancy services to individuals, households, not-for-profits, government institutions and the private sector.  I do my job with so much passion because I understand that organizing and productivity skills are vital for our survival and success. My coaching services are my favorite part of my job as it’s deeply satisfying to personally connect with people as they experience and enjoy the benefits of an improved lifestyle.

What I anticipate from The Organizing Academy is the opportunity to connect, interact, share, and learn with Organizing and Productivity Professional, Students and Enthusiasts.  I want to meet with YOU because there is a lot to learn and share and with the kind of information that will be at our disposal, our chances at success only gets higher.

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