Why You Should Understand Brain Design.

//Why You Should Understand Brain Design.

The Sooner You Understood Brain Design, The Better!

Brain design is a BIG topic right now in human psychology, neuropsychology, behavioral psychology and social psychology. Science has proven that our brain can change both functionally and structurally. The ability of the brain to grow both in function and size and at any age is what is referred to as brain plasticity. The discovery of brain plasticity also known as neuroplasticity has given rise to the need for brain design techniques.

In The Organizing Academy (TOA), we take the concept of brain design seriously by practicing and teaching a number of brain design techniques. Brain plasticity encourages brain design techniques and practices which help improve the function of the brain and its ability to easily adapt to learning.

Your brain can either deteriorate or progress depending on your choice of actions and activities. The brain was thought to be hard-wired at an early age and set for life, meaning that the learning of new abilities with the brain get harder or impossible as a person gets older.


Brain Research Findings.

Thankfully, brain research and neuroscience have erased that assumption by discovering that the human brain when properly stimulated can incredibly advance and alter itself. There is proof that the brain can change chemically, functionally and physically as we learn new abilities or improve already existing abilities.

Your brain can actually help you improve your intellectual ability and cognitive performance if you understand how to design for your brain. Brain design teaches us how the proper use of the brain can drastically and effectively improve both our natural and acquired abilities.

Some change is happening in the brain as we grow older. That change can either be positive or negative and is dependent on our ability to either maximize the use of the brain or underutilize it.

Brain research through advancing neurotechnology which postulates neuroplasticity has confirmed that the brain can beat age-related decline and overcome brain injuries. It proves that the brain can correct and develop itself with the right brain design techniques and strategies.


What Brain Scientists Are Saying.

I’ve been following the works of Dr. Michael Merzenich who is a professor emeritus neuroscientist at the University of California, San Fransisco.

He is the author of ”Soft-Wired: How the New Science of Brain Plasticity Can Change Your Life”. For nearly five decades, he has been a leading pioneer in brain plasticity research. Dr. Merzenich was awarded a Kavli Laureate, the highest honor in neuroscience. He has been elected to both the US National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Medicine.

Dr. Merzenich says that our brains slowly start to deteriorate when we’re no longer interested in the details of things and when we’re no longer interested in resolving the details of what we see or hear or feel.

He suggests that we engage the brain’s machinery in ways that help keep it healthy as an organ. He says we should look for brain exercises backed by high-quality studies.

Other brain scientists, brain researchers, human behavior researchers and psychologist are also talking about the importance of brain-based learning. Brain-based learning refers to brain-design techniques, strategies, practices and exercises that support the development of the human brain cognitively, emotionally and socially.


It’s time to ignite your BRAIN POWER.

Dr. Merzenich’s suggestion as well as the substantial scientific evidence surrounding how the brain works are the reasons we value the concept of brain design. It’s for the same reasons we have incorporated brain design techniques, strategies and exercises into The Organizing Academy (TOA) learning modules. We are confident that the techniques will go a long way in helping students easily acquire new skills. More importantly, we have dedicated a Module in our debut program, Organizing Mindset Mastery (OMM) to Brain design techniques. The OMM Brain Design Module will teach aspiring coaches, knowledge-based entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to develop themselves the easier path to success.

If you want to acquire new skills and develop yourself or you want to learn how to effectively transfer knowledge to others, you must start to understand the immense benefits of brain design. The lack of brain-based learning could be the reason you may be having a hard time altering undesirable behaviors, developing healthy habits and learning new skills.


Join us in the OMM.

In the OMM, we have 6 brain design techniques with lots of strategies and multiple practices that you can start using today to develop your BRAIN POWER or help others do same.

Check out the OMM for more information about our Brain Design Module and our Unique Brain Design Techniques here

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