Hello there! Have you heard the phrase ‘’Life’s a movie’’ before?
What sense did you make of the phrase?
Did you take it literally?
If you didn’t, you really should have because that statement is the truth. Life is a movie and by that, it means that life is like a story based on a script and is ultimately an experience that could either be enjoyed or disliked.

Now, an important question is: Do you have a good understanding of the script your life is playing out?. Even more importantly, is the second question: Are you the writer of that script?
However, most importantly, is the ultimate question: Have you learned how to understand and write your life script?
A life script or what is called schema in psychology and cognitive science is a pattern of thought and behavior or a mental structure of preconceived ideas, a framework representing some aspect of the world, or a system of organizing and perceiving new information based on a permanent store of knowledge.
All human beings operate with life scripts even though some of us aren’t aware of the fact. The writing of life scripts or what we call scripting is essential for increased productivity and self-actualization.

Scripting is one of the six strategies in the auto-pilot brain design technique that we teach in the Organizing Mindset Mastery (OMM).
In OMM, we have six brain design techniques and the auto-pilot technique is just one of them. Each technique has a number of strategies and students are encouraged to design their individual learning styles with any of the techniques and strategies most suitable for them.
Scripting is a vital brain design strategy that allows us to review and correct perception, ideas, assumptions, beliefs and expectations. It is the ability to organize new perception, gain fresh ideas and apply current knowledge for future benefits. Brain design techniques allow the designer (you) to design cognitive, creative and critical thinking abilities for yourself with the application of the proven strategies in behavioral psychology and neuroscience.

As a young adult and adult, brain design scripting should be done by you and for you but unfortunately, most of us have left our life’s scripting to others (societal systems, educational systems, religious systems, family systems, influence systems, etc.)
A lack of efficient brain design is one of the main reasons most of us perform way below our capacity. Some of us are following the script for our lives written by others and sometimes these scripts were written several years ago by people who had different experiences, different needs, different biological/environmental factors, etc.
We have heard many productive people declare that ‘’scripting works!’’ The scripting strategy amongst other brain design strategies helps to correct beliefs, effect shifts in behaviors, improve perceptions, increase brain power, access deep mind power, master performance and enhance general well being.
The following practices based on the application of either the user-centered or split-testing problem-solving styles are used for the scripting strategy:

 Design Thinking
 Creating Life Statements
 Questioning and Correcting Beliefs
 Gaining Experiences


Design thinking is the practice of carefully and thoroughly designing thoughts and actions. Design thinking simply means creating and applying your thoughts like a creative designer in a way that makes learning faster and getting smarter, easier. It helps you work extensively on your ability to draft and apply your thoughts and attitudes because you are now designing your own way of life and thinking, just like a movie director decides how the script plays out. You should awaken your critical thinking and creative abilities and begin to think like the great innovators of the world. Think of what is most possible and likely to happen with your life rather than thinking only of what is just available and easily attainable. Have a best-case-scenario style of thinking instead of a worst-case-scenario style.
This practice helps you consciously improve your thought process. An effective tool that can be used with this practice is affirmation statements but not just any type of affirmation statement. The Organizing Mindset Mastery (OMM) Course provides a template for the 6 basic life statements called the OMM Life Statements Folder necessary for well-crafted affirmation statements. Well crafted affirmation statements like a company’s mission and vision statements for example, can increase a person’s chances of better performance.
Other tools are creative visualization tools like vision boards, plan boards, activity boards, etc.


Life statements are essential tools for helping a person define and design the kind of life they desire.
In the OMM, we teach Six types of Life Statements.
1. Personality Statement: Also known as Absolute Statements: These are true and factual statements that cannot change irrespective of varying factors and circumstances. They are statements of certainty about the fixed elements of a person’s life and about the qualities we are born with.
2. Purpose Statement: It’s a statement of your why (the reason you exist). A statement that says how you’re going to impact your world.
3. Value Statement: It’s a statement of your principles, beliefs, standards and way of life. Your values determine how much impact you have on others. Your attitudes and lifestyle are a reflection of your values.
4. Vision Statement: Also known as Objective Statements: A statement about something that’s most likely to happen considering all the factors surrounding that thing. These are possibility statements channeled towards our ambitions, purpose and ultimately our goals. They are called ‘Personal Vision Statements’. A company’s vision statement is an example of an objective statement.
5. Mission Statement: Also known as Strategic Statements: These statements are goal-oriented statements channeled towards our actions, activities and tasks. These statements deal with specificities. They can be called ‘Personal Mission Statements’. A company’s mission statement is an example of a strategic statement.
6. Goal Statement: This is a statement that is directed towards a specific goal/objective that is in connection with your purpose.
The OMM Goal Statement Template is a guide for writing actionable and result-driven goal statements.


Psychologists believe that our life scripts are usually created in childhood and for this reason, some people hold the old and erroneous assumption that the brain of a person is hard-wired at an early age and set for life. The above belief seriously influences the interactions inherent in daily human scenarios and can produce limiting thoughts and beliefs. When we question limiting beliefs, we discover ways to correct them and gain a deeper understanding of our ‘life script’. Understanding our ‘life script’ will influence our thoughts, and will help us develop intentionality which can produce positive thoughts and actions and increase our chances of success. A tool for questioning and correcting belief is the behavioral assessment tool like the OMM Behaviour Practice Chart.


When we hear the word scripts or scripting, what comes to mind? Let me guess, storytelling.
Storytelling is our brains’ best buddy.
In designing for the brain, we gain experiences by finding or creating narratives (if possible, compelling narratives) for every learning experience. We need to identify the events and moments in any concepts to be learned to help us create stories in the course of acquiring any type of knowledge, habit or skill.
In The Organizing Community which is the online community of The Organizing Academy on Facebook, we’ve dedicated a day to storytelling. We encourage ourselves to share experiences using anecdotes and narratives that are powerful enough to inspire action and elicit change.

In the Organizing Mindset Mastery (OMM), you will be empowered with a number of techniques, strategies and tools for effective brain design so you can boost your productivity and start improving the quality of your life.

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Cheers to Organizing, Productivity, and Success!


Your Organizing/Productivity Buddy. 

CEO, JessylsCharm and Founder, The Organizing Academy

Jesmine Onyeukwu


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