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In light of the increasing dangers of disorganization and related issues such as clutter, consumerism, waste, etc. around the world, there’s a significant growing need for organizing and productivity solutions. If the recent “KonMari Craze” movement isn’t proof enough, we don’t know what else is. By the way, we think that any type of organizing movement needs to be termed “Classic” because organizing shouldn’t be considered a fad. From the 19th century and until now, disorganization has been and will continue to be a significant human problem.

The problem is a global one and the Organizing and Productivity Industry is a rapidly evolving multibillion-dollar industry, yet most players in this business space still do not have a grasp on the environmental and socio-economic impact of the solutions they offer. Most businesses in this huge market are simply built on passion and driven by sales and this poses a threat to the significance of the industry and the sustainability of these businesses.

The Organizing Business Guide (OBGuide) by The Organizing Academy is the ultimate framework for providing Organizing and Productivity Solutions. It’s a highly valuable resource for anyone interested in or already doing business in this industry and those interested in transitioning from selling services to building businesses. This guide provides insights and intelligence about the business of organizing people that cannot be found anywhere else.

This industry needs and deserves more recognition, respect, attention and resources but for that to happen, we need to look beyond the craft and dive into the core of how to leverage the growing need and demand for our solutions. The Organizing Business Guide is a resource that helps you strategically position your business for global impact and sustainability.

One simple but RELEVANT question this guide will answer for you is “What area of Global Impact does my Organizing and Productivity Business fall under?” With this question answered effectively, your business can take off on a more solid note and with a bigger vision.


What You’ll get inside the OBGuide:

  • Understanding the Organizing landscape: Knowing your market and defining your motivation.
  • 6 Myths about the Business of Organizing busted.
  • The Industry’s 7-Fold Impact and a Business Impact Analysis.
  • Getting to the core of the concept of Organizing and Productivity. An overview of the pain points of your ideal customers.
  • Understanding the SCIENCE and ART behind the concepts.
  • Breaking down the basics of the craft: The KonMari Case Study.
  • Learning the Organizing Principles (not methods or styles) to use for your work.
  • Over 30 noteworthy statistics on disorganization and related issues.
  • And more…


  • Organizing and Productivity Professionals
  • Aspiring Organizing and Productivity Professionals
  • Organizing and Productivity Businesses
  • Organizing and Productivity Associations
  • Anyone that has business with products or services related to how and where people live and work, such as: Coaches, Interior designers, Cleaning Companies, Concierge Services, Home Improvement, Realtors, Home Stagers, etc.

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