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• Master the Art of Effectiveness.
• Enhance Your Performance and Outcome.
• Improve Your Quality of Life.
• Increase Your Value.
• Help Others Get and Stay Organized.
• Become an Organizing/Productivity Expert.
• Join a Global Organizing/Productivity Movement.
• Make a Difference; Change the World!

Learn about our basic Organizing/Productivity Program, called the Organizing Mindset Mastery (OMM) below:


Master your MIND: Organize your LIFE.

The ORGANIZING MINDSET MASTERY (OMM) program, also known as The Rudiments of Organizing and Productivity, is an essential online course for achieving a more organized and productive life.

This self-paced 8-MODULE course provides you the basic SKILLSTOOLS, and SYSTEMS for Increased Effectiveness and Enhanced Productivity.

The OMM Program is specially designed for Organizing and Productivity Professional, Coaches and anyone who desires personal and professional development.

The Organizing Mindset Mastery Program will equip you with the most valuable Knowledge, proven Scientific Approaches and Productivity Tools to either improve yourself or help others do same.

In this Course, you’ll discover new-found secrets based on research and evidence to achieving effectiveness and optimal productivity. You’ll also learn ways to lower your stress levels, enhance your performance, design activities that support your long-term goals like health, freedom, wealth, personal development and your overall well-being.

Many of us perform below our capacities because we haven’t discovered the right tools and skills for enhanced productivity.

This course will take you on a journey of self-discovery, and to a destination of self-actualization using the power of MINDSET MASTERY. It will teach you principles, patterns, and practices that will improve your life. OMM has mindset mastery techniques such as mindfulness meditation, insight meditation, etc. which successful people (e.g. Oprah), great brands (e.g. Google), and big organizations use today.

The answer to high-level achievements and increased productivity are embedded in this 8-module course that teaches you how to use the power of your mind to organize your life.

Mindset Mastery coupled with learning organizing skills can indubitably improve the quality of a person’s life because the journey to lifetime organization and accomplishment starts from the mind.

For so long, we’ve been applying ineffective theories like self-control, hard work, willpower, etc., which have been depriving us of maximum achievement. Mental organization eliminates these misconceptions and The ORGANIZING MINDSET MASTERY teaches you how to use the brain effectively for productivity enhancement while providing you the right tools.

The OMM Program:

  • Provides you the most useful and applicable educational and skills training to develop mindset habits, skills, and aptitudes that you can tailor to your individual need and personality traits.
  • Helps you analyze your organizational condition whether as a SD or CD, review your personal organizational history to find your personal pattern of disorganization and the potential connections.
  • Guides you in designing your own personal organization standards and processes so you can begin to practise the necessary habits and skills based on the analyses above.
  • Focuses on key concepts and practices such as mental agility, mindfulness, iterative approaches, emotional agility, minimalism, possession-evaluation, design thinking, habit, and trigger design, etc.
  • Deploys the practice of psychology, sociology, behaviour analysis, etc. in observing human behavioural approaches and behaviour management.

OMM is for you if:

  • You are success-driven. You will learn the principles of effectiveness used by successful people to achieve quality results.
  • You feel you can accomplish more in your life and work. You will be empowered with the right tools and skills for increased productivity.
  • You are an Organizing and Productivity Professional. You will be equipped with the organizing and productivity tools, procedures and systems Professional Organizers and productivity Experts use with their clients.
  • You are a Coach or an Aspiring Coach. You will understand the fundamentals of human behavior management and habit competence and be equipped with the tools to use with clients.
  • You want to connect with a tribe of Organizing & Productivity Enthusiasts. You will enjoy the connection, support and learning from a super support group.

The OMM course has 8 power packed modules with several well-designed lessons that are self-paced + 8 Masterclasses + Assessments along every module + Productivity tools and guides and a lot more!


8 Intensive & Easily-Digestible ModulesModule Contents that cover the basics of ORGANIZING and PRODUCTIVITY by answering the most important questions in these concepts. YOU WON’T FIND THESE ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD.
8 Module Intro VideosVideos highlighting and explaining the key points and objectives in each module and lessons to keep you engaged with the value you will be getting. THE OMM WILL GIVE YOU MORE THAN YOU PAY FOR!
8 Sets of Resources and Actionable Implementation GuidesWell designed Organizing, Productivity and Mindset Mastery Kits with Assessments, Worksheets, Checklists and Guides along every module. THESE WILL KEEP YOU ACCOUNTABLE AND COMMITTED TO YOUR OWN SUCCESS IN THE OMM COURSE AND BEYOND.
8 Weekly MasterclassesThe OMM masterclasses, happening in an epic membership community, will be practical classes where real life case studies, the module contents and resources will be analyzed.
CertificationA Certificate of Training upon Completion of the Module Lessons and Module Assessments.
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Some of the OMM Resources:

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OMM Modules


Why and how are people disorganized?


People can be disorganized without even realizing it. This is why many of us perform below our capabilities, and we don’t even know why! In this module, we’ll be studying the different disorganization conditions, levels, their different/similar behavioral traits, and different/similar tackle techniques or potential treatment applications.

Disorganization has often been linked to stress, and stress is often linked to depression. When people suffer from the effects of disorganization, they are most likely to create more disorder which can devolve into a cycle of disorganization if professional help isn’t sought.

Module Objectives:

Students at the end of this module should be able to:

  • Understand the different disorganization condition types, behavior and tackle techniques
  • Interpret the levels of disorganization and the relationship between the level/types of disorganization and the mental/physical state of a person.
  • Identify their personal disorganization level, type, behavior and tackle technique
  • Analyze personal organizational history to find a personal pattern of disorganization and the potential connection to their current state of organization.
  • Determine their level of personal organization with an assessment.
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How do organized people behave?


If you’ve gotten to this point, it’s clear you’re confident of attaining a higher level of self-accomplishment! The harsh reality of our world is that we’ll always have underachievers or average achievers, and then high achievers. There’ll always be a chasm between these two sets of people.

ORGANIZING BEHAVIOR is a term coined by Jesmine Onyeukwu, which is defined as the way a person thinks, acts, responds and or functions in a state of order. It is the ability to properly define, digest and disseminate information, ideas, thoughts, activities, processes and systems in order to attain a set of objectives and an expected result. Highly organized people certainly have a set of traits that make them highly functional.

In observing the behaviors of an organized person, we will analyze some behavioral patterns like mental agility, emotional agility, stress management, creativity, self-leadership, etc.

Module Objectives:

After completing this module, students will:

  • Identify the organizing behavior misconceptions that are limiting.
  • Understand the following behavioral concepts and how they affect organizing. There are three areas of focus in this section:
    1. Behavioral approach
    2. Behavioral economics
    3. Behavioral management
  • Explain the behavioral patterns and practices of highly organized people.
  • Define their personalized organizational patterns/attitude and select specific target practices.
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How do we master the art of LIFE organization?


In the previous modules, we looked at the 3 most important steps in the Organizing Mindset Mastery. These are:

  1. Identifying behaviors that need to be altered.
  2. Identifying organizational behavioral patterns that should be learned
  3. And clearly defining target practices.

This module will help us effectively apply the appropriate attitudes, habits, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, actions, etc., and approaches like iterative approaches, in the improvement of our organizing skills.
Organizing is a life skill. It requires constant practice for improvement, just like swimming or exercising. The more you learn and practice a thing, the better you get at it. You’ll do it with seamless effort. The more you practice the art of organizing, the more you’ll enjoy the benefits of being organized. However, you must understand the right application of the required practices in both mental and physical organization. In developing competence, the use of reinforcements and triggers have a significant effect on behavior. There is the need for positive reinforcements that reward the right behavior and triggers that prompt or remind us of those habits that need to happen.

Module Objectives:

Upon completion of this module, students will:

  • Define their most appropriate and most effective patterns and practices.
  • Evaluate the tools for applying those patterns and practices.
  • Learn to use behavioral techniques like self-modification to enhance the new process.
  • Create a personalized schedule of reinforcement and a list of necessary cues.

Bonus Objective: Join the support group and learn from target behaviors models.

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What is the easiest and most effective way to high-level achievements using organizing skills?


Here, we’ll understand how to optimize the behaviors, habits, and skills we’ve learned in Module 2 and 3.

In this module, we will focus on MINDSET MASTERY principles that’ll help us effectively maximize our organizing and productivity skills. We will be challenging conventional knowledge on how the brain works, with the latest research in developmental thinking, cognitive psychology, and social psychology that allows us an easier path to success. The brain is built to serve us and assist us in our overall optimal functioning, both in the short and long term. So, let’s learn how to put it to effective use with the best mental practices.

Think of the brain as an engine that needs regular oiling and refueling to operate at maximum capacity. Ponder on oiling/refueling as what happens to the brain when you stay relaxed, encouraged, and in an emotionally stable state. Many of us think that peak performance or high-level achievement happens when the brain has been worked out and worked up, but the reality is that peak performance is most likely to occur when the brain is less exhausted and when we optimize our balance between high and low cognitive load activities.

Module Objectives:

Upon completion of this module, you will:

  • Understand your autopilot and how downhill activities affect the mental process.
  • Learn how to activate your ‘brain power’ to support the achievement of long-term goals.
  • Understand the OMM 6 Brain Design Techniques used to correct skills deficit problems.
  • Learn personal development with the application of 3 Meditation strategies and 21 Meditation practices.
  • Learn the use of affirmations and aligning words and desires with attitudes/actions.
  • Create your own LIFE statements using the right approach with assistance from the instructor.
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How do we sustain a state of being organized?


You are now at the point where you must align your goals with your activities. It is time to set your priorities straight by determining the cost and value of everything you do. This is where you learn how to apply clarity, focus, effective planning, and execution skills to the core elements of your life also known as your ”GAIT” (Goals, Attitudes/Actions, Information, and Time).

As priorities change over time and require constant reviews, we need to learn how to regularly commit every single aspect of our ”GAIT” to value. Our ”GAIT” must be set to deliver what is most valuable to us at every point in time. This is where we get to set smart LIFE Organization Goals (LOGs) for ourselves and develop measurable, realistic steps for accomplishing those goals.

Module Objectives:

This module will help you:

  • Understand the implication of cost and value in prioritizing.
  • Follow the step by step guide for effective goal statements and goal setting
  • Align your most valuable priorities with your SMART LIFE Organization Goals (LOGs).
  • Determine their personalized SMART LOGs and break major goals into sizeable minor goals.
  • Develop a step by step plan to achieve those goals by determining tasks.
  • Add time components to tasks and goals.
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What is the framework for planning and implementing organization?


Organizing principles are the core components of all organizing concepts and organizing projects (physical or mental). These principles are the framework that helps you define the direction and systems/tools required for any organizing project, whether it’s a basic closet organization project, a critical one like mental organization or a complex one like digital information management.

In this module, we’ll learn about the significance and implications of the principles of organizing. You’ll learn how these principles are applied in organizing. and you will carry out your own mini project applying one or more of these principles and explain the implications you notice.

Some organizing principles that will be examined are:

  1. Streamlining
  2. Decluttering
  3. Categorization, etc.

Module Objectives:

Upon completing this module, students will:

  • Understand how each of the above-listed principles affects organizing.
  • Identify the organizing principles that best applies to their organizational situations.
  • Carry out a personal organizing project to analyze one or more of these principles.
  • Share findings with the class.
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Are there any problem-solving techniques and formulas used by organized people?


An effective way to organize and accomplish any tasks is to first get equipped. Just as there are tools for every trade, and instruments for every craft, organizing requires specific systems and tools for planning, developing, and implementing projects. An Organizational system is the structured and detailed step-by-step procedure involved in a basic organizing project. Organizing is an active mental process. It can be a complicated process of decision making without a system (modus operandi) and tools and failure to apply them will turn any organizing project into an unsuccessful venture.

These are 3 of the 10 steps that are the basic processes in an organizing system:

  1. Initial Assessment
  2. Challenge Identification
  3. Asset Evaluation

We will also learn the variety of organizing tools to use alongside the organizing system and organizing principles that make the implementation of an organizing process easy, sustainable and efficient.

Module Objectives:

Upon completion of this module, students will:

  • Have a good understanding of the basic organizing system/tools and how they are used.
  • Understand the easy and effective ways to implement and maintain organizing with this 10-step system.
  • Carry out personal organization assessments by applying the JessylsCharm Assessment Tool alongside other organizing tools.
  • Share their results with the group.
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What are the daily practices of organized people?


Some people are quite mentally organized but still struggling with keeping their physical space as organized and vice versa. Some are struggling with being organized in both aspects. These basic daily rules for personal organization will help align our organized mental state with our physical space, thereby, creating a positive environment for us to grow, thrive, and achieve much more. Very importantly, this module will provide the rule for sustained organizing. No relapse! No falling off the wagon!! We can’t afford to return to the kind of lifestyle that made us underachievers and average achievers. No, we won’t!

These 10 basic rules will help us imbibe values like consciousness, carefulness, intentionality, accountability, simplicity, etc.

Module Objectives:

This concluding module will:

  • Teach you the 10 very handy rules (you can literally carry in your purse or wallet) for everyday effectiveness.
  • Teach you the steps for simplifying every single aspect of your life.
  • Help you stay on track and keep you motivated to continue in your new-found lifestyle.
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The main goal of OMM is to teach you Organizing Mindset Mastery strategies and skills that’ll get you from not-so-organized or reasonably organized to HIGHLY ORGANIZED. With the most effective strategies, skills, and tools, so you can go right ahead, accomplish your goals, pursue your purpose, and live the life of your dreams.

After 8 intensive modules, alongside well-designed application tools, you will feel confident and be equipped for an organized life!

Seeking a higher level of freedom, accomplishment, and impact or interested in helping others achieve such?



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