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The Organizing Academy (TOA) Training Programs are organizing and productivity workshops designed to foster the following workplace skills:

  • Intra-personal Development Skills

  • Inter-personal Development Skills

  • Organizational Management Skills

  • Workplace Enhancement Skills

These skills would guarantee impactful performance and quality contribution at different levels of an individual’s life. Levels such as:

  • Personal Level

  • Group Level

  • Organizational Level

  • Community Level

Our Nine extensive and customizable workshops are divided into two program categories (Basic and Advanced) and are highly recommended for individuals and employees of all levels such as senior executive management, mid-level management, junior-level and for workgroups or teams of new employees, emerging leaders, managers and administrators in policy-making functions.

These workshops are Full-Day Trainings each that can be delivered as individual Workshops, Program Packages or full program depending on the needs, goals and expectations of the organization.

TOA Basic Training Program (BTP).

The Organizing Academy (TOA) BTP is a three-course program delivered in 3 workshops. The TOA BTP is centred around behavioural patterns, habits, attitudes and mindsets that influence workplace performance. Both employers and employees alike need to understand how these factors play a role in the level of an organization’s productivity and in the general well being of its members.

TOA Advanced Training Program (ATP)

The Organizing Academy (TOA) ATP is a six-course program delivered in 6 workshops. The TOA ATP is vital for organizations who want to achieve business acceleration in the 21st Century. With the constantly evolving business and work landscape and the transformations that we are surrounded by, the need for advanced organizing and productivity skills and systems is on the rise.

If organizations desire to increase sales, improve bottom line, drive performance, bank more profits, reduce cost, manage resources, gain more influence, distinguish themselves, create smart workspaces and improve general wellbeing, they must understand the advanced skills, strategies and systems required to master and constantly improve workplace productivity.

Programs Benefits:

  • Increased employee clarity, focus and self-motivation which increases awareness, retention and discipline.
  • Improved employee well-being which enhances work rate, reduces resource mismanagement and avoidable waste.
  • Increased brain stimulation, mental agility and mental flexibility among members of the organization which increases creativity.
  • Increased creativity which can improve motivation and boost performance and thereby, enhance productivity and an organization’s chances for innovation and growth.
  • Growth and innovation that results from helping people break new frontiers by challenging and defying conventions.
  • Enhanced workplace performance and improved general wellbeing as a result of reduced workplace stress.
  • Efficient document fling and proper workplace document usage and storage procedures.
  • A boost in workplace leadership which will foster efficiency, boost productivity and improve communication and relationship skills
  • ETC

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