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  • Are you a youth who desires lifelong self-actualization?

  • Need inspiration for self-discovery as a teenager?

  • Are you a young adult working towards self-development and self-mastery?

  • Do you want to be a youth who can lead others?

YAP is an exciting program for you.

Youth Ambassador Program (YAP) is a Youth Mentorship Program of The Organizing Academy (TOA) that provides resources aimed at empowering, equipping and engaging young self-leaders who will positively impact their community.

Nearly 75 million youths are unemployed around the world and in the next years, the youth unemployment rate is projected to remain at a high level. Here’s another shocking fact: only 40% of teens feel inspired at school.

TOA has identified a gap in the educational system where students are not fully exposed to and equipped with all the tools that would enable them to thrive within and outside the school system. YAP is, therefore, designed to fill that gap and bring the much-needed self-discovery, personal development, and personal mastery skills that young people need for life-long self-actualization. YAP provides learning sessions that inform, involve and empower youths with highly valuable resources and also provides young people an opportunity for social contribution using community engagement platforms.

The TOA Youth Ambassador Program is open to:

Teenagers who desire personal development, an outstanding educational performance, and an exciting college experience.

University students interested in Leadership within and outside the University Community.

Leaders in organizations that involve Youth participation who are passionate about Youth development.

The program is designed as a train-the-trainer program where Youths interested in leadership (who can lead themselves and have an interest in influencing others positively) will be equipped with the necessary skills, resources, and support in TOA and empowered to go out and equally equip other youths in their communities. The engagement of these Youth Ambassadors with their community could be physical or virtual and would require an appreciable level of proficiency in the use of the internet and social media channels.

There are abundant and highly transformational organizing, productivity and educational tools in TOA. These resources are guaranteed to empower youths by helping them develop life skills such as leadership, creativity, time management, goal setting, communication, intra-personal and inter-personal, mindset mastery, behavioral management, priority management skills, and more skills.

The acquisition of these skills will ensure that teens and youths can connect what is learned in the classroom to the real world because that is essentially when education is achieved. YAP is aimed at ensuring youths can maximize both their academic and non-academic activities. Just like Mark Twain rightly put it in this famous quote ‘‘I have never let my schooling interfere with my education’’.


Registration windows open every quarter: January, April, July, and October.

Registration closes on the last day of the last month in each quarter.

Screening of eligible applicants and selection takes place 1 week after registration closes.

YAP scholarships are given to the most eligible and earliest applicants.

Ambassadors must complete 3 months organizing and productivity training which involves the 5 YAP sessions, weekly challenges, ambassador group activities, support, and guidance. Ambassadors will have access to The Organizing Academy educational resources, professional guidance and community engagement.

Ambassadors will be encouraged to create solutions and engage with their own communities in line with the mission and goals of The Organizing Academy YAP.

In the following 7 months, TOA will equip Ambassadors with the resources and support required to take on leadership positions by hosting YAP Sessions (virtual or physical) or actively addressing a problem that they’ve identified in their communities.

*Community engagement workshops must involve the YAP Sessions.


Personal development and mastery skills are guaranteed to help youths make better workplace professionals and self-led individuals.

Connection and collaboration with a tribe of like-minded people.

Well-designed, effective and proven organizing and productivity tools necessary for personal and professional development.

Continuous support, advice, and guidance from organizing, productivity and personal development experts.

Engaging the closed community of like-minded youths and the larger community of young people in need of organizing, productivity, and personal development skills acquisition

As part of the program development, TOA would have an annual TOA Youth Ambassador of the Year Award where the most outstanding Ambassador would emerge as the winner. The winner would be profiled on TOA website, awarded a certificate of recognition with an honorarium and other perks.


At TOA, we believe in Outcome-Based Education (OBE) achieved through the process of active and experiential learning. The YAP Sessions are highly engaging and interactive learning, discussion, assessment and implementation sessions (either physical or virtual) that have been designed to fit this description of OBE by William Spady.

‘‘An outcome is a culminating demonstration of learning. It is a demonstration of learning that occurs at the end of a learning experience. It is the result of learning which is a visible and observable demonstration of three things: knowledge, combined with competence, combined with orientations.’’

YAP Sessions include:

  • Activities that will help youths gain clarity and develop self-awareness using brain design strategies such as scripting, priming, the 3D formula, F2 formula, etc.
  • Activities that foster the buddy system and peer masterminding that’ll encourage youths to hold each other socially accountable.
  • Activities that help youths define, design and develop behavioral patterns that guarantee productivity and self-actualization.
  • And a host of other activities.

The YAP Sessions are:

  • Clarity Sessions
  • Habit Monitoring Sessions
  • Goal Tracking Sessions
  • Accountability Sessions
  • Leadership Skills Development Sessions


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